Les Idées de Fous

About us

We are the perfect developers for a freelance professional or an agency.


We already have many years of experience in the domain. More over, we already have completed many projects.


We are very close to our clients and are managing closely our projects.


We always have the right solution for you.


We know how to use the latest technologies to propose the best suited solution for you.

Our Team

We are a dynamic team creating software solutions through Web and Mobile applications.

Our Process

Here is an overview of how we approach each new project.


  • Client interview
  • Gather consumer data
  • Evaluation of priorities
  • Determine the iterations


  • Build wireframe
  • Gather client feedback
  • Code development
  • Exhaustive testing


  • Deploy project
  • Import existing data
  • Collect usage and performance data
  • After-sale service


Here are some other projects that we've worked on. Click to view.

  • All
  • mobile
  • web
  • bureau
  • transactionnal
  • design
SEF Scores Plateforme Web de gestion de compétitions d'escrime
Katrine Marso Présentation, Gestion des clients et produits
Les Seigneurs de la Rive-Nord Site Web, Inscriptions, Paiement et Gestion des Activités
Challenge des Nations Présentation, Inscription, Paiement & Résultats
Flyboard Présentation, Réservation & Paiement
Maçonnerie Lapointe Site Web de Présentation


Here is what we specialize in. Do not hesitate to contact us for more specific needs.

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Please tell us about your next project and we will let you know what we can do to help you.

Entrust us with your project !